Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome to the Ol' Mothbox! A piano re-starter's blog.

Welcome to my blog! I have some catching up to do, as I actually had my first lesson (in eighteen years, that is) this past January, and I hadn't even considered keeping a public record of my progress until recently. I've never felt compelled to blog about anything before because I just don't think I have anything to say that is worth putting out in the blogosphere. However, this is something I actually think might be an inspiration to someone else down the road. I have for many years labored under the belief that there is such a thing as starting too late. And, while this might be true for someone delusional enough to start violin at age 46 with the ambition of becoming a concert violinist, I have no such ambition. I merely intend to get as good as I can possibly get. Consequently, for most of us, it's only too late when you're dead and buried. Until that happens, there is still a great deal to be accomplished.

As I think I said in my description, I started piano again quite some years after taking a piano class, and then not having a piano on which to keep up my meager chops. I got good enough to play two-handed scales in all 12 keys, arpeggios, and some pieces like Rameau's "Rondino."

Meanwhile, I got married--to a pianist--and a few years ago she reclaimed the Baldwin she grew up with. My wife plays well, but not often. I keep telling her how jealous I am of her playing! She seems to take it for granted, but then I think many people do when they start out younger and it comes relatively easy to them. In any event, I figure as long as we've got this piano sitting around the house, it's high time I got off my duff and back on the bench.